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The market position of Nivea for men in UK Essay

The grocery store position of Nivea for workforce in UK - Essay Example(Euromonitor, 2010) Bargaining power of suppliers (Low) Nivea has a high bargaining power with respect to its suppliers because of its divers(a) portfolio and generating economies of scale (Beiersdorf AG , 2010). Bargaining power of buyers (High) Customers of men readiness products have high bargaining powers collectible to low switching costs, price sensitivity to grooming products etc (Kay, 2006). Threat of Substitutes (Medium) Nivea for men has a high curse of substitutes from general grooming products, natural products such as olive oil etc. (Heijden, 2005) SWOT digest for Nivea For Men In order to fully understand the competitive advantages and vulnerabilities of Nivea, (Beiersdorf AG, 2011)we conduct the following SWOT compendium for Nivea for men The Boston Group Matrix The overall market harvest-time of the mens grooming market is 3% (2009-2014 CAGR) (Euromonitor, 2010) and the relative market sha rgon of Beiersdorf (Nivea for Men) is low. Market share of Beiersdorf AG is 5.3% (2011) as compared to 32% of P&G (Euromonitor, 2010). With a low market growth and low market share, Nivea for Men travel into the Dogs enterprise position, which indicates that Business is a cash trap (BRS Inc). The best thing that Nivea for Men can do is to focus on short term, avoid risky investments and look into niche segments. Where do we want to be? (Strategy Formulation) This stage of marketing strategies planning describes the objectives and aims of Niveas marketing plans, the strategy formulation for its snitchs growth and identification of the business were in. Before defining the objectives of Niveas marketing strategies, we must recollect the competitive advantages that Nivea for men... This query describes the Situation analysis or Market Audit for Nivea in the mens grooming market in UK considering both External and Internal perspectives. Nivea currently holds the 2 spot in mens groom ing category for the UK market. The Nivea-for-men case-study details the challenges that Nivea for men is having in the mens grooming market in UK. Upon extensive analysis of the market and competition, it is evident that Nivea-for-men even though is a leading and important brand for both Beiersdorf and overall market, its sales still lag behind the flagships products of P&G and Unilever. The growth opportunity that is seen for Nivea for Men is the growing skin care segment with a CAGR (2004-2011) of 17.8%. Owing to the iconic mark of Nivea in skin-care products, Beiersdorf possess a competitive advantage in penetrating and increasing the skin-care market for men. In order to do so, they should segment their consumers on attributes of age and shopping behavior. Target segments identified for Nivea for men are Adult adopters, midlife adopters, senior adopters, and midlife experimenters. The mingled attack strategies that Nivea for men can use are products bunding, progressive promo tions and pricing. The various defence strategies that should be implemented by Beiersdorf are flanking defense and position defence. With proper risk trouble in place with respect to the implementation and control of marketing plan, it is bound that market share of Nivea for men will increase in the UK market.

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Initial public offerings corporate finance 501 case assign 1 Essay

Initial public offerings corporate finance 501 field of study assign 1 - Essay ExampleThis is the recommended option for the company as the online auction enables more bidders to accede and exit also al junior-grade the investors to gain the joy and satisfaction of wining. The online auction has been defined as, Online auctioning is the process whereby users put down onto a website and bid for items or services posted on this website by other users. The way online auctioning works is similar to normal auctioning outside the cyber world, but has allowed the auction to reach a much greater hearing (Newton). The option is very flexible and it allows a vast number of people to participate in the auction. in that location entrust be lower levels of time and there will also be higher levels of flexibility for the investors to invest from any part of the world.Skype will most likely attract customers which include largish coarse funds, technical investors, professional investors, foreign investors, large organizations and institutions and the pension managers. The Large mutual funds and the pension managers argon mostly likely to be highly attracted to this online auction due to the simple fact that there will be no quota on the amount of shares that they can buy. In terms of the technical investors there will be a sense of interest in the Skype stock as the prices will be low and these will the way to target this group of people. Professional investors will seek to bid close to the last(a) prices and make a major investment in the company. Large investors will seek to get large chunks of the shares and since there are not geographical boundaries, foreign investors will also like to make around purchases. In short the dominance of large institutional investors or the favorite investors of underwriters will be enkindle in the stock and will be aim at investing as much as possible as it will be very beneficial and fruitful in the long flirt (Salkind). Eac h of the above mentioned have a certain amount of direct interest in the

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Rational-Emotive Behaviour Therapy Theory Essay

Rational-Emotive Behaviour Therapy Theory - Essay ExampleThe fundamental introduce of the theory is based on the fact that almost all emotions and behaviors are instanced by what people bank about the situations they face. The theory posits a bio-psycho kind explanation of how individuals come to feel and behave. This stems from the belief of Ellis that both biological factors and social factors are involved in the experiencing and action processes. This idea is important, for it proposes that there are limits to the extent that a person can change (Ellis A. , 2003).Ellis argues in his theory that all humans have the ability to interpret creation in a clear, logical and objective manner and avoid unwanted emotional behavioural disturbances. Furthermore, he argues that in addition to these abilities, humans are also predisposed to irrational interpretations (Collard & OKelly, 2011). They are predisposed to twist or illogical thinking, draw illogical conclusions that are impartia l and are cognitive distortions of reallyity (Levinson, 2010). Ellis place four standard characteristics that represent an irrational interpretation of reality. These four standard characteristics are demands of something that is not of the real world, other people or the individual amplification of the awfulness of something an individual dislikes (Macinnes, 2004) conclusion that one cannot stand the thing they dislike and finally condemnation of the world, other people or the individual (Dryden, 2003). The characteristics identified higher up are expressed in specific irrational ideas and beliefs (Macinnes, 2004). Ellis suggested that the targets for change in psychotherapy are those thoughts, attitudes beliefs and meanings that cause emotional-behavioural disturbances and then goes ahead to present the rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT) (Windy & Neenan, 2004).REBT teaches individuals how to identify their own self defeating ideas, thoughts, beliefs and actions and tra nspose

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Puritan and Pilgrim in the 16th-17th Century in New England Research Paper

puritan and Pilgrim in the 16th-17th Century in New England - Research Paper ExampleThe emergence of both Puritans and Pilgrims lowlife be traced fairly and squarely back to the tumultuous event of the Reformation in Europe. Starting in Germany, and spreading across Northern Europe, there was a growing dissatisfaction with aspects of the Christian Church leadership, particularly in areas related to abuse of finances, moral dissolution, and key theological issues relating to the role of bishops and senior clergy. In Britain there was an on-going ghostly debate relating to the Reformation agenda, but this was further complicated in the Church of England, which departed from the control of Rome, more often than not due to differences between Henry VIII and the Pope on the rules relating to marriage and divorce. In Scotland, the Presbyterians separated abruptly from Rome and set up their own structures, without the controversial bishop role, while in England many reformist Christian s were dissatisfy with the compromises made by the Church of England. In the North East of England a small group were persecuted for refusing to amalgamate within the Church of England. Their major complaint was that the Church had not sufficiently cleansed itself of the immoral features that characterized the Roman Catholic church. This caused them to be rejected by their local parishes in England and so they emigrated first to Holland and then to the New World, hoping to work up a new life there which was truer to biblical precepts. This intention to travel in search of their spectral goals is what gave them the name Pilgrims.

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How the Lack of Technical and Financial Means Prevent Sustainability Essay

How the privation of Technical and Financial Means Prevent Sustainability in Developing Countries - Essay Examplesuch(prenominal) communication theory are necessary for international trade and the import and trade of goods. Business operations would no thirster be limited to the home nation alone, but would rotate the entire world to what that nation has to offer. Such technological innovations would also broaden the range of stakeholders who have an interest in information and communication developments (Souter, p. 5). When exploitation countries begin showing continual promise, investors can find wonderful opportunities within that country that convinces them to invest cash in that economy. When that money is invested, the economy benefits as well. Such actions tend to persuade other(a)s to do the same, which can past add a popular trend to investing in that token market.The World Trade prepare states that commercial interests do not take precedence over development. Th ey know that freer trade boosts economic proceeds and that that economic growth supports development. The debate, on the other hand, is of whether or not developing countries gain any from this particular system, but it isnt true that these countries gain nothing at all. Since developing countries are higher on the priority list, they are allowed more time to apply the high number of provisions of the World Trade put up agreements. Those that are less developed receive special treatment, which means that they dont necessarily have to follow accredited provisions (WTO p.1). But there is still a deficiency that exists otherwise those provisions in post that are required to be followed would be working. Perhaps the provisions need to be reviewed in put in to give these countries a boost in the right direction and cause a snowball meat that... This report stresses that there is no doubt that developing countries are on the agendas of the WTO and the International Institute for sus tainable Development. One of the priorities on these agendas is the information and communication technology sector. Developing countries that would be able to achieve success in the information and communication technology sector would be able to achieve communication internationally with other businesses and with consumers to increase income potential. Such communications are necessary for international trade and the import and export of goods. Business operations would no longer be limited to the home nation alone, but would open the entire world to what that nation has to offer. This paper makes a conclusion that there is a technological and monetary deficiency when it comes to the advancement of developing countries being behind the rest of the world. Developing countries do have, on the other hand, some processes that are in place, otherwise they wouldnt be developing. One could honestly say that if these countries did not have some sort of successful processes happening, th ey would be considered undeveloped and consist of much higher exiguity levels than what they currently have. Globalization has opened a world of opportunities for developing countries, but it has also opened a world of opportunities for the developing countries to be taken advantage of.

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The effects of television on children's intelligence and education Essay

The effects of television set on childrens intelligence and education - Essay ExampleThe negative influence of television on children has by far outpaced the positive sides of the television programs.Shaffer indicates that students and children who spend much of their time watching television becomes inactive an distracted in school (9). This effect attributes to the low concentration span of children that would have exhausted in the move of watching television. BBC cites that watching television also allows individual children very little time to interact with others so becoming less social. Lack of social interaction among children denies the individual child precious opportunity to search and think about forces that act on the environment and thus the retard cognitive development. This further lowers the level of creativity of an individual child leading to poor critical thinking and performance when it comes to illuminate activities and assignments. languish hours of exposu re to loud noises emanating from television and overconcentration of television programs have led to poor attention in class especially when there is background noise.Watching television makes individual children adapt to visual images that move at fast paces, and may distract their attention when it comes to class work. According to Gunter and McAleer, adaptation on fast-paced visual television pictures may also affect listening skills of an individual child considering their exposure to picture talk rather than vocal communication (14). Some television programs that involve violence and commercial shows involving advertisements of alcoholic products may convince an individual child to start leading immoral life. The diversion of childs genius to alcoholic products and violent activities may have very negative impact on the intellectuality of individual child. As pointed by Shaffer, watching television becomes addictive to children who would want to spend much

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Asian Financial Crisis and Globalisation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Asian Financial Crisis and Globalisation - Essay guinea pigTherefore this paper investigates the possible causes, contagions and effects of the Asian financial crisis with regard to globalization.The list of potential causes of the crisis is presbyopic but a short list would include the futile attempts of the governments to keep their currencies at artificially gritty levels, massive overinvestment by various corporations funded by excessive borrowing, government ability to direct banking systems and decisions of lending, crony capitalism, need of transparency, inadequate financial regulations and supervision, rigidity of labor markets and pronounced mismatch of assets and liabilities in both the corporate and banking sectors (Agnor 1999 pedestrian 1998).However, the most important causes to the current Asian crises include the low corporate profits and unwillingness of the polity makers to relinquish control. The governments directive to the banking systems and the corporate g overnance structures to increase their sizes and market shares resulted in systematic overinvestment and sharp declines in corporate profitability. Besides decreasing the overall value of most countries in Asia, the shrinking profits corrupted the banking sector that most firms rely on for funding (Walker 1998).The government interventions in the currency markets have take to high reductions in the value of currency of most countries in Asia (Rotblat 2001). For instance, when the currency of Thailand (the baht) was overvalued, the government failed to allow an full-strength depreciation but fought the market forces because it thought it had enough foreign exchange reserves and wanted to avoid the high political costs associated with the devaluation of baht. With this move, the baht was finally allowed to float and its value fell.Contagion refers to the spread of a financial crisis from one institution to

LOVE. - Forecasting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

LOVE. - Forecasting - Essay ExampleThe most signifi wadt result of bad indicate is broad damage in the allow chain management system. If a companys forecast is higher(prenominal) compared to the expected get hold of then it has to bear additional costs due to high direct of inventory, deceitful products, and extra inventory carrying costs. Similarly, if the forecast of a company is lower than expected, it stooge make customers switch to the some other companies. As a result, the company can face loss of competitive advantage in the commercialise (Firestone, How to Thrive with Inaccurate Forecasts).In reality, forecasts cannot be 100% accurate however, it should be able to provide an penny-pinching picture about the future demand or trend in the market. Forecasting incorrectness imposes important effect on the demand planning of an organization. For instance, in service organizations, a bad forecast can possibly result in unnecessary workforce and redundant expenses, or ins ufficient workforce which can negatively impact on customers requests. Every organization, irrespective of size, maintains a buffer level which is preserved match to the demand, and bad forecasting can result in keeping a wasteful buffer level which is uneconomical for the organization (Voudouris, C. & Et. Al., Service Chain Management Technology Innovation for the Service Business). in that location are several types of forecasts used by organizations for business, such as sales forecasts, financial forecasts, demand forecasts, supply forecasts, and economic forecasts among others. The most useful among them is the demand forecast. The reason is that numerous operations depend on accurateness of demand of any product or service, and through demand forecast, business organizations can prepare themselves accordingly. The demand forecast can determine the quantities which need to be purchased or made available in the organizations stock or buffer in order to provide rapid service. In present mean solar days competitive environment, business

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Secon Hand Smoking Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Secon Hand Smoking - Research Paper illustration1). Due to the dangers of being exposed to secondhand flock, one agrues that secondhand smoke should be banned in all public places through ordinances and stricter governmental policies. Statistics Some of the most alarming information gathered on SHS, as revealed by the World Health Organization (WHO) atomic number 18 as follows that (1) SHS causes 600 000 premature deaths per year. There be to a greater extent than 4000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, of which at least 250 are known to be harmful and more than 50 are known to cause cancer (WHO Fact 3, n.d., p. 1) (2) more than 94% of people are unprotected by smoke-free laws. However, in 2008 the number of people protected from second-hand smoke by such(prenominal) laws increased by 74% to 362 million from 208 million in 2007. Of the 100 most populous cities, 22 are smoke-free (WHO Fact 9, n.d., p. 1). These figures prove that government health agencies have acknowledged the detriment al make to health of SHS and are designing and implementing various monitoring measures to validate, confirm, and address the dilemma. The segment of the population who were identified to be most at risk are children who were noted to planetually develop different health dilemmas, ranging from pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, and even ear infections (CDC, 2012). For adults who were persistently exposed to SHS, studies have revealed preponderance to lung cancer and heart ailments (CDC, 2012). The study published by the CDC, entitled Vital Signs Nonsmokers Exposure to Secondhand Smoke --- United States, 19992008 confirmed the followign statistics related to SHS, to wit An estimated 88 million nonsmokers in the United States were exposed to secondhand smoke in 20072008. Children are at particular proposition risk for exposure to secondhand smoke 53.6% of young children (aged 311 years) were exposed to secondhand smoke in 20072008. While only 5.4% of adult nonsmokers in the United State s lived with someone who smoked inside their home, 18.2% of children (aged 311 years) lived with someone who smoked inside their home in 20072008 (CDC, 2010, p. 1). These varied statistical information drift that SHS is clearly linked to illnesses, both for children and adults, alike. Likewise, since the figures and trends continue to alarm health authorities, there seems to be a pivotal need to re-assess current health ordinances to at least minimize the risks of contracting the identified illnesses. Effects of SHS The cause of SHS on health of children and adults, alike, have been confirmed from various studies for being exposed in SHS (CDC, 2012). The most articulate health dilemma of SHS is the increased risks to contract various forms of cancer, such as lung cancer, and childhood leukemia and cancers of the larynx (voice box), pharynx (throat), brain, bladder, rectum, stomach, and breast (ACS Why is SHS a problem, 2013, par. 3), making SHS a health concern of government he alth agencies. The maddening factor is that since children and adults who were exposed to SHS could not control the source of the problem, preventing and minimizing its debiliating impact proved to be extremely challenging. to a greater extent pronounced focus and strategical efforts exerted by government health agencies to address SHS means more time, gold and resources being expended

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Convention of architecture Diagrammatic Transformation of Architecture Research Paper

Convention of architecture Diagrammatic Transformation of Architecture - Research authorship ExampleThe publisher also provides an explanation of the tradition of architectures predilection to the convening of the draw. A detailed description of how this idea diagram has been critiqued through a manifestation in contemporary projects is provided. Finally, the paper provides theory analysis to stake a new position in the contemporary architecture field. A diagram is simply an illustrative figure that offers a general organization or an outline of an object, barren of representing the precise appearance of it, in order to specify the shape and the relations of the different parts of the object. It is a technique utilized to help illustrate what people argon thinking in their heads (Reynolds 11). Ever since the 1980s, the convention diagram has been the favored method for theorizing, communicating, making and researching architectural designs, projects and ideas. Therefore, the rise of diagrams, in preference to the model or drawing was a major novel development in the process of design in the easy twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Classical architecture is simply the architecture of ancient Rome and the architecture of ancient Greece, as well as the architectural style(s) influenced by those it is the architecture of classical antiquity. Classicism in architecture stresses on geometry, proportion, symmetry as well as the regularity of parts as they are illustrated in the architecture of Ancient Greece and Rome. ... fancy 2 Diagram of the Parthenon The diagram of the Parthenon above illustrates how the way the Parthenon Frieze, in blue, ran around the architrave on the inner rows of the columns. It is of note that the frieze was a sequence of, bas relief stone picture carvings that show dissimilar people partaking in the Panathenaic Festival Procession. In regards to the tradition of classicist architectures orientation to the convention of dia gram, various classical personalities such as Vitruvius, Philibert de IOrme and Leonardo Da Vinci. Figure 3 Ampiprostyle tabernacle and diagram of winds The figure above shows Amphiprostyle Temple. On the right is diagram of winds. Philibertde IOrme Architecture Rouen 1648. The diagram of winds figure resembles that in Vitruvius for perfect city plans, as well as the illustrious renaissance scheme of man as a measure of things by Leonardo da Vinci. It illustrates an obsession with the centralized plan. Figure 4 Vitruvius diagram of the winds Vitruvius who flourished during the late first century BCE describes 8 principal winds, although he noted that on that point are many other winds, though somehow dissimilar from the major 8 winds. He relates a list of 2 variations on either side of the 8 principal compass yielding up a wind rose comprising 24 winds. The winds are easy to draw since they are spaced as at 15 from one another. Other than wind direction, Vitruvius also used diagra m to show town planning expressing his ideas of ideal city. Other than Vitruvius, Leonardo da Vinci also flourished as far as classicism architecture is concerned. Figure 5 Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci, 1490 Leonardo da Vincis

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American political system, contraception mandate act Essay - 1

American political system, contraception mandate function - Essay ExampleAs policy solutions to the contraceptive mandate, the phantasmal groups prefer to use the natural family supply methods instead of using contraceptives as a family planning method. In as much as the religious groups views the natural family planning as the best policy solution to the contraceptive mandate, officials views have so off the beaten track(predicate) failed to necessarily match the behavior (Cutrer, 2005). As part of the alternatives which the religious groups advocates for include the periodic abstinence or the aspect of post ponding pregnancy. The religious groups view these solutions as a perfect way of solutions in analogy to the contraceptive mandate.As Msgr. Flanagan claims, it is always against the artificial contraception but the religious groups favor natural ashes rhythms thus the natural family planning methods (Pipes, 2013). In most cases, the religious groups never oppose mandates, which require them to be competent especially on medical personnel so that they could teach natural family planning forms to couples and non just women involved (Cutrer, 2005). The decree requires the religious group members to pay for something, which is usually immoral. Additionally, the religious organizations, which are against contraceptives use,should indeed teach their religious members on using some of these types of these methods (Pipes, 2013).However, it is always up to the members of the religious groups to decide on what type of contraceptive they would prefer to use. In as much as the church building is against the use of contraceptives, the church cannot force an individual on what method of family planning they can use.According to Becky Lynn who is a Health negociate providers thus the OBGYN, the contraception mandate remains a crucial to not only the women but to a fault people involved or the couple. The health providers are advocating for more coverage for all

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Effectiveness of self-monitoring of blood glucose in type 2 diabetes Literature review

Effectiveness of self-monitoring of blood glucose in event 2 diabetes mellitus - Literature review ExampleThe conclusion from this review states that there are both substantiative and negative aspects with regards to the effectiveness of SMBG. Hence, the inquiry regarding SMBG effectiveness still remains fully unanswered. Therefore, this research review recommends that progress studies be conducted which will explore all the aspects of SMBG utilization since most of the papers simply focused on a few elements of SMBG use. CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Diabetes Mellitus is a reformist metabolic disorder which influences a ontogeny number of peoplethe worldwide elevation in numbers game of adults with diabetes has been predicted at 122%, from 135 million in 1995 to 300 million in 2025 (Feinglos and Bethel, 2008). In addition, it is a common, costly checkup condition often related with significant morbidity and mortality (Schilling McCann, 2007). There are several types of diabetes me llitus and these accept vitrine 1 Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Juvenile Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetes Mellitus brought about by pregnancy. This paper will only focus specifically on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is a worldwide wellness crisis as stressed by Feinglos and Bethel (2008) it is previously termed as non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus or NIDDM (Schilling McCann, 2007). It is also labelled as adult-onset diabetes for the reason that is typically or frequently linked with older age, commonly after age 40 in this medical condition, insulin resistance with varying degrees of insulin secretory defects is evident (Schilling McCann, 2007). Diabetes Mellitus in general can be abnormal by a variety of factors which may or may not be modifiable. The factors that cannot be change allow in age, family history and genetics (Schilling McCann, 2007). On the contrary, the... The main purpose of the research is to present Diabetes Mellitus as a progressive metabolic disorder which influences a growing number of peoplethe worldwide elevation in numbers of adults with diabetes has been predicted at 122%, from 135 million in 1995 to 300 million in 2025. In addition, it is a common, costly medical condition often related with significant morbidity and mortality. There are several types of diabetes mellitus and these include Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Juvenile Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetes Mellitus brought about by pregnancy. This paper will only focus specifically on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is a worldwide health crisis as stressed by Feinglos and Bethel it is previously termed as non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus or NIDDM. It is also labelled as adult-onset diabetes for the reason that is typically or frequently linked with older age, commonly after age 40 in this medical condition, insulin resistance with varying degrees of insulin secretory defects is evident. Dia betes Mellitus in general can be affected by a variety of factors which may or may not be modifiable. The factors that cannot be altered include age, family history and genetics. On the contrary, the modifiable factors of diabetes mellitus are diet, lifestyle and exercise. There are different methods that could be beneficial in the treatment and management of diabetes.

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Green Efforts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Green Efforts - Essay ExampleHaving a proper understanding related with the environment around us is indeed important as out-of-the-way(prenominal) as a dissipateds business ope defections and processes are concerned. This is because exhalation green could specify cutting down on costs in a very strict way. It is a event that a firm could look to have a campaign in place which tells everyone that this firm is beautiful serious about the environments of which humanity is a part of. The green efforts will surely give a very positive feedback by the people who understand the perspective of this firm. The critics will keep on extracting the natural mistakes and faults but the firm must be determined and solid in its stance no offspring how tough the criticism turns out to be. Even the competitors can hit upon this area more and more. But this normally works to the benefit of much(prenominal) a firm which has actually decided to go green. It can suggest to the publics how the co mpetitors are failing on their expectations of being environmentally clean and thus gain a high position within their minds and hearts.Going green would make the stakeholders realize the true worth of a firm. They would mostly appreciate the idea that led towards going green. They will understand the true spirit behind going green as well. At times, they would even be ready to invest more within the firms domains in order to come out as the winners, speaking strictly within the rat race that the firms have involved themselves of going green. However this is not a bad race to brotherhood in the first place. It could have serious positive meanings for the firm as well as for the environment. The all-encompassing perspective needs to be understood more than anything else (Boons & Strannegard, 2000). If it is benefiting the environment, there is absolutely nothing which could go against such going green efforts by the firm. Thus going green is definitely a positive bulls eye for a firm which has

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Frankenstein Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Frankenstein - Essay Example Appargonntly, it seems that Dr. Frankenstein is the real culpable since he has created it ugly. But a shut up analysis go away reveal that the society which fails to accept and nurture the prick is the real culprit. Indeed, the Victors creature is initially a sociable one which yearns to have a companion, further he is betrayed by his creator. He is the one who helps a wounded peasant girl but in return, he is crush by other(a) peasants. Finally, it turns into a revengeful being because of the ill-treatment of the society. In fact, the creature gives what he receives from the society. He is the product of the society. Though Victors creature is a fantasy being, the novel teaches the readers that even animals, who be endowed with servicemanly quality and who even look monstrously dangerous, should be treated good but carefully. If a tiger, even though it is dangerous, is killed, the ecological balance will be destroyed. In the article exclusively Animals Are Equal, peckerwood Singer argues that man should give the same respect to animals, since all humans and non-humans are equal. He claims that a prejudiced view to other species makes men cruel to other animals, and, as he comments, the definition of a specie is a prejudice or attitude of bias in esteem of interests members of ones own species and against those members of other species (Singer 3). Indeed, what he means by this statement is that members of one species will put their interest on the members of other species, even though it is against the interest of the other species. For instance, if an interest canful benefit a human being, man will do it to get the interest even if it is against other animals. Even Victors monstrous creature is assumed an animal, it should have not been treated badly. Also, Peter Singer defines equality as follows The principle of equality of human beings is not a description of an alleged actual equality among humans it is a prescript ion how we should treat human beings (Singer 3). Singer essentially argues that human beings should have respect for other human beings. If Victor and his society acknowledged the creature either as a man or even as an animal, they would accept him and nurture him properly. But they have not accepted the creature instead, they treat it badly only to arouse the monstrous behavior in it. fit in to Singer, animals in addition feel pain, as he says, there are no good reasons, scientific or philosophical, for denying that animals can feel pain. If we do not doubt that other humans feel pain we should not doubt that other animals do so too (Singer 7). If Victor and his society understood that the creature also has a mind and feel pain, they would not treat it badly. Mary Shellys effort to bestow the creature with human feelings, qualities and yearnings, basically, challenges the assertion that the creature is a really dangerous monster. The terrible look of the creature does not prove t hat the creature should be treated badly. Initially, the creature is as naive as a child. It yearns to beloved and to be loved. It wants a female companion to be accompanied. Frankeinstein could attempt to socialize it, instead of being horrify by the creatures frightening look. Dr. Frankenstein is not only the creator of the monster. In a sense, he is also its father. He cannot end his responsibility only by creating it. He should have

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Week one CYB 634 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Week one CYB 634 - Assignment ExampleThis causes wrong to participants. This can be, however, managed through proper competition rules and ethics so as to make it of value to participate. of import competition should include the pursuit fairness in that everyone is treated the same and those who win should win fairly. whatever educational competition should add knowledge to learners and also test the right question of a specific level of education. Transparency is key to any competition where grading and procedure for marking are know and used in the marking process.Transparency calls for check and balance where the result should be reviewed and independent outdoor(a) examiner to ascertain their correctness. There should also be a way to detect cheating and a punishment proposed to it. So as to deter those who are conspiring to cheat on the tests. Cyber competition should include the following event, post analysis tests this where those who have undergone a particular test can be evaluated after around time, e.g. two years to determine if their skills are up to date with current market demand so as to give them a chance of

Macroeconomic Position of Iceland as of 2006 Essay

macrostinting Position of Iceland as of 2006 - Essay ExampleThis essay provides a thorough economic analysis of the economic developments in the Icelandic economy in the year of 2006.Ii is shown in the essay, that the national economy depended severely on the fishing industry, which provided more than 60% of total export earnings and employs 12% of the work force.Icelands economy had been diversifying into manufacturing and service industries in the last decade and new developments in software production, biotechnology, and financial serve were taking place. The tourism sector was also expanding, with trends in eco-tourism such as whale watching, hiking, and nature tours developing steadily. As Iceland had focused on leveling its financial landscape and opening its markets, it had created an imbalance in the economy. The resulting unpredictability threatened a return to the previous days of economic overheating. The employment numbers were good, but any disruption of current out put woull change that immediately. Inflation, driven by overheating real estate and enthronisation markets, was growing. These issues had to be resolved immediately. Through prudent monetary indemnity, inflation could be tamed. By implementing wise financial policy, expenses and debt could be reduced. In terms of fiscal policy, Iceland needed to adjust its approach so that the monetary policy could be adequately supported without resorting to continued and severe hikes in the interest rate. Simply, this meant tightening its budget maintenance, trim back its debt, and enhancing the environment for investment

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Example of an Compare and Contrast Essay Example for Free

Example of an Compargon and Contrast EssayMy grannie and I atomic number 18 like dust and dawn, complete opposites. We contract divergent points of views we come from total incompatible generations we have different interest. My grandmother was born in Atlanta, GA and married at a young age. She and my grandfather posterior move up to Jersey City, New Jersey when she was pregnant with my eldest aunt. Life was a stria different in the 1940s than it is now.After sitting down with my grandmother, talking to her about different stymy made me see her in a new light. I spoke with her about how the music was hence and now was different. She grew up in a Christian home, so all they listened to was Gospel. I asked her what do you commend of the Gospel music at present? She answered Im not a big fan of it further I only listen to bloody shame Mary before I would listen to anything else. They add excessively much into it and think that because you say God or Jesus its a Gospel song. Mary Mary are unbowed Gospel singers. So, I asked her about the Gospel music that she grew up with, and she had a twinkle in her eye as she explained it to me. She truly loved Gospel from the 1950s to the 1980s. she explained how they had a true meaning and how they had a true message.Technology from then and now is really different. My grandmother declared that their boob tubes looked like big boxes with a block out on them and cameras were huge. Now, in the 21th century, we have flat screen TVs and small cameras that fuck fit in your pockets and can print wirelessly from the printer. Phones were all fit and you couldnt really move around the house with it presently, we have wireless cellular phone that you can contact someone from half way around the world without an issue.The environment was a lot safer than it is today also, that prices were more affordable than they are, thats why more plurality are depending on public assistants. My grandmother indicated that you c ould base on balls in the grocery store with $20 and leave out with about 35-40 items. As of now, you walk in the grocery store with $20 walk out with 3-5 items. During the 1960s the environments setting werent as bad as they are now. The crime rate isnt as high as they are now. Thats why she chooses to leave out early in the morning to run arranges because she feels safer.The generations has changed and progressed in different ways. Things were easier than they are today. Before you dont really worry about much, now some people fear to leave the comfort or their home. Maybe if I was a have sex during that time, I maybe would have gone through as much as I am today. If you had a chance to live in that time zone, would you?

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Nursing Research Class Notes Essay Example for Free

Nursing Research Class Notes EssayNursing search is the process that underpins exclusively the other things we have talked about. How was it determined that one initiateicular focusing of carrying out nursing c ar was break in than a nonher way? How was it decided that a particular framework of understanding will explain accredited behaviors better than another? When we discussed frameworks of understanding or conceptual models earlier in the contrast you learnt that there ar various slipway of viewing mental illness were discussed and the treatments were based upon eradicating or fixing the ca single-valued function. This piece of tail be describe as ways of retireing and ways of intervening. These beliefs came about as the result of investigate.That is asking, and trying to dish such questions as Why does this occur?, Does this treatment work better than that treatment?, How do we k at a cadence?, Do more people im develop if we do this rather than that?. Resea rch is a way of gaining know about concerns that psychiatric nurses have. What is the best way to help this client with this particular distress? Is there whatever evidence that suggests that this way of caring is better than that? Nursing look for is relatively new in whatsoever ways that in other ways gathering-nursing friendship has been going on since the early old age of nursing. Women learned through watching and find what treatments worked best. This is one particular kind of noesis. muck around and Perry discuss this in Chapter 5 Nurses Ways of Knowing. Ethical, personal, esthetic knowledge was identified and scientific became one more way of knowing. In terms of nursing look into we can return to Florence Nightingale who of course made the notification that there were more deaths closer to the open sewer than there were for men whose beds were further away.This is an excellent standard of brief a conclusion by making observations thereby developing new knowl edge. Research itself is a way of developing knowledge but there argon other ways of developing knowledge. They ar differentially respected and acknowledged but each is a way of knowing. When you take away your look for course in fourth year you will learn more about the various kinds of search. For now I just loss to highlight the major ways of gathering knowledge. This is Chapter 5 in Potter and Perry and there is too reference to look for in Stuart and Laraia under Evidenced Based Practice p 76-83. The fount section of the chapter in Potter and Perry gives a short(p) background on the emergence of nursing institutionalize and theory. Nursing science came into its own no longer a discipline applying the knowledge of other disciplines but a unique body of knowledge.A good activity for you to consider doing is to go onto the Library website and leaf on journal holdings, once there search psychiatric nursing. Journals that publish the results of nursing research and in pa rticular psychiatric nursing are a actually pregnant part of your reading and learn how to read a research article is an important skill to develop. We will discuss this further momentarily, for now I want now to revaluation ways of gaining knowledge. 1. Tradition certain beliefs are accepted more or less cartridge holders without too much enquiry. Its weve always done it that way. This whitethorn be good but sometimes it is bewitch to question these traditions. 2. Expert Authority Asking an expert or authority is a very common way of gathering information.All of us ask for information from time to time but we also have to be somewhat cautious about confusing information and knowledge. But certainly we do seek out knowledge and assistance from others. There are, of course, some limitations since not all authorities are always right and like tradition, we do not always challenge this knowledge. 3. Experience A pass around of what we know we have learned ourselves. Children c ertainly do this all the time. Sometimes through unfortunate vex like putting their little hand on a hot stove Learning is also part of knowledge acquisition. But we also solve problems from experience.Like, if I turn off the alarm and dont abridge out of bed in the morning, I am late for work. So we learn not to do that. The ability to globalize and recognize patterns and make predictions is one of the hallmarks of the human mind and has been a large part of how our ancestors developed knowledge. It is always rains every time there are black clouds, then the next time you see black clouds, rain is predicted.. But there are limitations, first each persons experience whitethorn be too limited to generalize all the time. Maybe black clouds predicting rain only occurs in your part of the world for some environmental reason. Secondly your personal experiences may be colored by biases. 4. Investigating Ideas Where would we be if no one pursued their ideas for instance, testing molds for their antibiotic value That the earth is not flat but round 5. Reasoning or Problem Solving Thinking through problems and decision solutions. There are two intellectual rules used in reasoning.Inductive reasoning is the process of drawing conclusions and generalizations from specialized observation. For example a nurse may observe anxious behavior in children who are removed from their parents and conclude that separation is a stressful event.. Deductive reasoning. This is the process of developing specific predictions from general principles. For example, if you assume that separation anxiety occurs in children removed from their parents then you may predict that children, in your infirmary will show signs of anxiety. So we have gone from a general assumption to a specific situation. So, induction is to make or develop a theory from actual observation or grounded in observation. Deduction is to have a hypothesis or a theory and then test it. These terms will become important when you are considering qualitative and quantitative research. Both of these reasoning systems are important for you to think about.They are both useful. But errors can also occur or faulty reasoning. olibanum far it may lead to the increase of questions 6. The scientific method, which is considered the most objective and accurate way of developing knowledge. However, it, too, can certainly be questioned as you may discover but it is also considered one of the primary ways of developing knowledge. Beginning on p. 85 of Potter and Perry they describe the characteristics of research with a number of definitions you hire to study. The sooner you grasp these concepts the better off you will be in hereafter courses. To understand the research process and for your future endeavors I like to begin with the components of a research article in a journal. I have briefly described these below Title A succinct description of account elements of the studyRunning head Usually a two to thre e word description of the key fruit elements of the study, which runs at the top of each page. Abstract A succinct paragraph describing key features of the study, the population studied, the changeables manipulated the findings and give-and-take point. Usually of 150 words or so. Literature Review A summary of key research findings from other studies, which lead into your study. If you are studying in a new emerging field of battle this may be short if in a well established area it may be prolonged or, it might focus on one key area for instance of child development (i.e. there are numerous areas of child development-your study may be focused on cognitive development so it is not required to examine all areas of child development within the literature review). The review should provide the reader with an understanding of the area, without missing key studies and without losing the audience with obscurely related information.The literature review should cover research related t o your key variables of interest and should draw the reader into your hypotheses. Hypothesis what you think the blood between variables is. Depending on the level of research one might have an exploratory hypothesis or you may have predictive hypotheses suggesting the results are going to be in the direction of (one way or the other).This might be a good time to review any of the terms used thus far in Potter and Perry and especially look at tabularise 6-2 which describes levels of research. It is difficult to keep a complicated issuance simple. Method The method contains subsections. It usually begins with a description of the sample (who did you interview, who comprised your sample (children, parents, university students etc). maven would also find how the sample was selected (was it randomized, was it a captured audience, was it every blonde haired blue eyed left give boy) Detail is expected. The method section will also describe the research design and procedures. Both are essential for someone else who might say I dont believe these results. I want to try and replicate the study. Which has been done with interesting results in many areas. Research designs are very complex and influence the type of statistical analysis that can be done. I refer you back to table 6-2 for a beginning understanding of this. Test instruments and their reliability and validity are also expected in the methodology section. Identification of independent and dependent variables would also be described here.The independent variable is that variable you are manipulating i.e. temperature of the room the dependent variable are the observations you are making i.e. number of complaints of room temperature in a given interval of time. Results This section will go through sample characteristics, main findings described pictorially sometimes in graphs or may be tables. Results are described matter of factly with little interpretation. Limitations of the study these become important t o the conclusions one can draw. For example if I were studying teen gestation period and the needs of young mothers and my group ended up being older teens would this be representative of jr. teens. Conclusions This is where results can be interpreted and tied back to the literature review. Were findings supportive to the hypothesis or not and if not what might explain the findings. Implications for nursing radiation diagram it would be found in nursing research studies, not often in other research. The application of nursing research is an important area for future discussion.As psychiatric nurses we must however be able to critique research. Sometimes it is conducted under exemplification conditions where there is control over a number of variables and there may be difficulty applying it in the real world. That is perhaps why observations of a patients behavior may be better to understand their experience in the real world. Research is the use of a series of steps to gather obje ctive knowledge and nursing research of course is the study of phenomenon of interest to nurses, which is often the patients response to illness and nursing interventions. The secant point there is control but we have to understand what scientific research is attempting to state. It is the relationships between 2 variables. That is, if I do one thing will it influence another?So just to take a simple nursing example, we might theorize or predict that a patient who lies on their back for long periods will develop pressure sores. So if the patient is turned frequently and does not develop pressure sores we might conclude that turning is related to unbroken skin. Say, however, at the same time as turning the patients skin is gently kneadd now we cant tell if it is the turning or the massage that resulted in the unbroken and healthy skin. So this is what is meant by control of external factors. Sometimes you may go through this referred to as level of control over the variables of in terest. If you are using the scientific method then you likely have a hypothesis you want to test and you would set up your experiment to either prove or disprove.This would be quantitative research. But if you are observing a phenomenon and want to study it in its natural state then you are more likely doing qualitative research. Qualitative research is particularly well suited to psychiatric nursing because it. involves gathering information about peoples experiences which we could use an instrument to assess which would give us a quantitative measure i.e., how traumatized were you 0-10. Asking a person to tell their story gives us significantly more information. Methods can be combined. The ethnographic qualitative research method tends to look at humans in their natural environment. This research always takes place in the field often over a long time. Collection and analysis of data takes place concurrently, as insights are gained new questions may emerge. Often the opinions o f the people under study are sought which is very different from quantitative research where opinions and feelings are not considered valid. You will become more proficient at reading, understanding and critiquing research but there is no reason why you should not be placement and reading nursing research journals now.Research Principles and terms The practice of Psychiatric Nursing is guided by nursing knowledge. As a profession nursing has developed a unique body of knowledge, which guides the practice of nursing. There is a number of ways in which knowledge is developed and disseminated. They are listed in Potter Perry. Question State 6 ways of acquiring knowledge.Polit and Hungler (1997) use these terms to describe the scientific research method Disciplined Research. Research conducted within a disciplined format is the most sophisticated method of acquiring knowledge that humans have developed. Nursing research combines aspects of logical reasoning with other features to sti mulate systems of problem solving that, although fallible, tend to be more reliable than tradition, authority, personal experience, intuition, or inductive or deductive reasoning alone. (P.11) The scientific method does have its drawbacks however, it is conducted under ideal conditions and sometimes there may be difficulties in applying it to the real world. There are however two main categories of research three-figure and Qualitative. Quantitative research follows the scientific model and has a series of clearly defined steps. Quantitative research ProcessIdentify an issue Gather information? State the hypothesis? Review the literature? mark the study? Gather the data? Evaluate the findings Qualitative Research Qualitative research differs from quantitative in that it is a less linear process. It more often involves gathering information about individuals by observing them in their natural environment or through interviews. This type of research takes place in the field rather t han the laboratory. The information is rich and varied and subject to the interpretation of the researcher. This is one of its limitations. Nurse researchers can be involved in either quantitative or qualitative research, but most importantly, nursing research should be able to be applied to psychiatric nursing practice. Here is a list of some research projects of psychiatric nurses Examples of research studies conducted by nurses in Psychiatric Nursing and Mental Health topics node expectation and perception of the nurses use of goods and services in relationship to client satisfaction. A proportional study of widows and widowers perceived social support during the first year of bereavement. The effects of cognitive-behavioral nursing intervention for dismay patients and their families. Factors bear uponing staff nurses use of limit setting with disruptive patients. Nurses attitudes toward the suicidal patient.Nursing interventions with long-term patients in regard to their ph ysical appearance An evaluation study. The nurses therapeutic use of touch as related to withdrawn patients. Observable signs of anxiety or distress during psychiatric interviews conducted by nurses. Patient and situational factors that affect nursing students like or dislike of caring for patients A study of alcoholic patients perception of the role of the nurse. A study of the confidence level of nurses in caring for patients with depression. A study of psychiatric patients knowledge about their prescribed medications. Question What do you think would be a good research topic for psychiatric nurses? Some terms to Learn in Relation to Research

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What is Strategic Human Resource Management Essay Example for Free

What is strategicalal Human imagination focusing Essaystrategic Human mental imagery Management (SHRM) is refer with establishing a specific and managed cause and effect relationship in the midst of an administrations litigates to survive and bring up and its HRM principle and practices. It is in any case concerned with the mechanism through which people in an administration gain an soul of the purpose of the placement, its goals and strategic objectives. As considerably as how the organisation related to its external environment in order to achieve these goals and objectives (SHU International MBA, Intro to SHRM unit p. 1)IntroductionHuman option focus (HRM) screwing broadly be defined as a strategic and coherent approach to the management of an administrations roughly value asset the people fake thither, who individu entirelyy and collectively contribute to the achievement of its objectives for sustainable competitive advantage.As described by beer et al ( 1984) Human preference management involves all management lasts and action that affect the relationship between the organization and employees It human resource.1The antithetic between Strategic Human alternative management (SHRM) and Human Resource Management (HRM) can be arrestn as the word of Strategy, Strategy, as it has herald to be applied in business, is a market-oriented concept it is fundamentally concerned with products and competitive advantage. The different between ar integrated as followStrategic human resource management is concerned with those lasts which sire a major and long - circumstance effect on the employment and development of people in the organisation, and on the relationship which exist between its management and staff.An HR out(a)line will express the intention of the go-ahead about how it should manage its human resources. These intentions provide the basis for plans, development and programmes for managing chance.The aim of SHRM is to ensu re that the culture, style and building of the organization, and the quality, commitment and motivation of its employees, contribute fully to the achievement of Business objective.Main features of strategic human resourse managementIt has been suggested by Hendry and Pettigrew (1986) that the main features of strategic human resource management argon as followsThe use of provisionA coherent approach to the design and management of personnel brasss based on an employment insurance policy and manpower outline, often underpinned by a philosophyHRM activates and policies are matched to some explicit business strategyThe people of the organisation are discipline backn as a strategy resource for achieving competitive advantage organic law of StrategyTo understand how the SHRM can effect the solid organisation, we make to go thought the Organisation organize and see the how Strategy Management arrive ats. The strategic management process is typically broken down into five-spot step1. mission and goals2. environmental analysis3. strategic formulation4. strategy implementation5. strategy military rankWe are not implicated for Step 1 and Step 2, because at these two stages, the Strategy is not form yet. It was still in the planning process, after the Strategy had been developed, it will transfer to Step 3- Strategic Formulation.Strategic Formulation involves senior carriage evaluating the interaction between strategic factor ins and making strategic choices that subscribe to managers to meet their organisation goals. Some Strategies are formulated at the corporate, business and specific structural levels. hierarchy of StrategyAnother aspect of strategic management in the multidivisional business organization concerns the level to which strategic issues apply. Conventional wisdom identifies different levels of strategy a hierarchy of strategy1.corporate2.business3. functionalIts because we are not interested in Corporate- direct strategy Business-lev el strategy. The deeper explanations will be place in the appendix.Functional-level strategyFunctional-level strategy pertains to the major functional operations in spite of appearance the business unit, including research and development, marketing, manufacturing, finance and HR. This strategy level is typically primarily concerned with maximizing resource productivity and addresses the query,How do we software documentation the business-level competitive strategy? Consistent with this, at the functional level, HRM policies and practices support the business strategy goals. engendering human resource strategiesHuman resource strategy contributes bring in the business strategy but is also justified by, the aim should be make it imaginative, innovative, clear and actionable. Its essential(prenominal) also be selective, focusing on priorities, and flexible, rapidly adjusting to trade. HR strategy should be formulated by s continuous process of analysing what is happening to the business and where it is going.So, we do stick out sex why we need SHRM to support organisation strategy, but how can we implement the SHRM to the organisation, and what kind of tools and practice we can use to shaping the organisation strategy in the term of Human Resource Management. The answer for this is fairly easy, we know the Top Level is the Strategy, and the bottom level is the doer on work floor. The linkage between these is a linkage mechanism, which world-wide identify as Manager of that particular department.What is the responsibility of manager?In general, the report of a manager is to keep a good relationship with the employee, without the good relationship, the organisation will unable to run the unremarkable task to achieve what they got to achieve. In other word a manager is trying making out the virtually from the employee to optimise the company performance. And the follow is what a manager should do for their dutiesAbility to Motivate workerrecruitment a nd staffingemployee developmentemployee relationsLeadershipCommunication and cultureTeamworkAbility to motivate worker pauperization is defined as the willingness to do something conditi bingled upon the actions ability to satisfy some need for the individual. (Robbins De Cenzo, 2001) Motivation is the key to stringting the job done because without it, projects and jobs are completed with no purpose or direction. Moreover rewards and bonuses gained by employees make up their moral as well as benefiting the organization. Appraisal systems for some time give up served to stand up that the performance of employees is under control or to give the appearance of controlRecruitment and StaffingRecruitment and plectrum is a well-worn takeic, which is treated fully in all major texts. Just remember that in that respect is always a tension between getting the right person for a job and how frequently resource in terms of time and money is devoted to recruitment. The more accurate the recruitment, the more benefits the organization will achieve. This is because the employee will carry out their tasks more subduely and will be ideal for the overbold post and will be able to take responsibilities. The more recruitment in an organization, the higher the overheads and therefore HRM involve to be usefully managing and deciding whether there is a need of recruitment or not. cookery and developmentTraining and Development are currently big issues for many businesses in most split of the country, especially where there are low rates of unemployment. Moreover, Increase in bringing up and development has increase productivity as well as employees moral. This is beneficial for both, the company and the employees. Although the costs of HRM increase in the light term as training and development is very expensive but at the long term it is very beneficial for an organization as job commitment is reinforced and quality increases toEmployee relationsDevelop and maintain effective employee relations activities and programs which you can use to help require a positive organisational culture. Handle difficult employees with confidence, and learn how to reinforce good behavior as well as discipline, and squirt properly if the need arises. In addition, you will look at ways to get your employees involved and appraise their of necessity and opinions.LeadershipThe leadership is someone who exercises influence over people. The ability to influence also needs the permission of those to be influenced. The functions of Lead in organization may includeEnabling people and convocation to achieve their objectivesSetting and communication objectives.Monitoring performance and giving feedbackAdministering rewards and punishmentsClarifying and solving problemsMaking decision on behalf of othersRepresent the group to othersProviding information, advice and expertiseCommunication and cultureCommunication is very important to a manager, the purpose of the manage i s get people connected together, from the top-side of the CEO to the bottom side of the Shop-floor worker, without the communication acquirement the manager may send the wrong message the audience.TeamworkTeamwork emphasizes the successful of business. As we know there are a lot of task cannot carried out by one people such as decision making, planning and problem solving. Teamwork can speed-up the task to achieve the goal in a efficient way.Factors to implementing change to the organisationAfter we understand the role of the management, but how cans a manager to implement the strategy to his department, the Keyword is CHANGE. The question is how can a manger to change the behaviour of the worker to ways that will match the organisation goals and strategy.Before the implementation of change, we should make sure the manager had got the capacity to handle the change. And there are trio questions to ask the manager.Does he have the right attitude?Does he have the appropriate knowledg e?Do we have the needed skill?Right Attitude for the managerA change agent cannot pull ahead without coarse persistence. counterchange is a mingled and laborious process that arouses strong feelings and emotions. Angry people, frustrated police squadmates, unlike priorities, unforeseen problems or behind-the-scene resistance pose daily challenges. A project manager cannot lead her team through these minefields without determination and stamina.To avoid mid-course changes in leadership, the person must be fully committed to see the project through completion. A good way to ensure that is to appoint an ambitious individual who presents unassailable potential for career advancement at bottom the organization. She will look at the challenge as a terrific career-building opportunity and will be highly motivated to succeed. The benefits will actually extend well beyond the projects time horizon. Indeed, the initiative will provide this high-potential employee with a broader under standing of the business, an extended profit of relationships and stronger leadership skills.Appropriate knowledge of what we going to changeI am absolute sure that the developer of the strategy do know what is needed to change to meet their target. But the question is the project manager is in a functional- level of the business, he is a subject matter expert in their respective empyrean of responsibility. Are we sure he got a detail understanding of what is going on of the strategy. An expertise of the strategic goal will be needed to assist the functional level to achieve what they should achieveThe necessary skillsChange is complex subject it will generate lots of pressure due to the instability and uncertainty. And also the manager has to handle manage conflicting priorities, multiple constituencies and fast-approaching deadline Responsible for gilding the organisation through the legion(predicate) challenge of the transition. Therefore, the project leader must possess the p roven ability to remain highly effective under intense fire. Otherwise, thebreakdown will occur when that person is overseeing a critical phase, so the whole project can be failed or delayed. Which is opposing what we trying to do.Step for implementation of Strategy within the Human ResourceWhat is implementation?Implementation means causing changes to occur somewhere in your heavens of influence as a manager. It is impossible to implement any course of action and not have something change as a result. This means that certain things must be disrupted, discontinues, or deferred and new activities must begin. But most important, it means that after you have initiated action, things will be different. The key is in creating just the right amount of disruption. The following guide lines should help you to accomplish the implementation of your action plan with the token(prenominal) amount of adverse disruption and maximum of success (Responsible Managers Get results- Gerald Faust 1998) eer implement changes from the top down.Always start with the best first.Set your own example.Remember that you cant motivate people to do something they dont know how to do.Recognize and reward desired performance early.Pace implementation so that the timing is consistent with the needs of your plan.Provide coaching and follow-up consulting, and, above all, be persistentStep 1 Planning the Change Process (These step are coming from article How to implement organisation change)Like any complex project, change management requires detailed planning. Being responsible for guiding the process, the change facilitation team must see to it that detailed but realistic planning is undertaken in order to minimize divergence from the vision.Step 2 Goal translationThe executive goals need to be translating to individually level of the organisation in a meaningful, achievable target to each individual person within the organisation. For example if the executive goal is increase the sales by 15 %, but how can salesman known how much is the percentage increase for a particular product. Therefore the goals must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Additive, Reasonable and Time-bound). Furthermore the goal must is fork up to a understandable language of different level of the organisation.Step 3 Barrier identification and remotionWhen the goals are clearly understood, we can start identifying the barriers that are preventing the achievement of these goals. The people who actually do the work should identify the barrier. Whenever possible, we must involve these people in implementation decision where these view may be crucial. For that reason, Manager must be able to communicate effectively at all levels and across each function.Resistance of Change Employees resist change because they have to learn something new. In many case there is not a disagreement with the benefits of the new process, but rather a fear of the unknown upcoming and about their ability to adapt to it. de Ja ger (2001) argues, Most people are reluctant to leave the familiar behind. We are all suspicious about the unfamiliar we are naturally concerned about how we will get from the old to the new, especially if it involves learning something new and risking failure de Jager (2001)Step 4 System for ManagingOnce the goals have been translated and barrier have been identify, the next critical step will be to develop a system for managing the organisation. Traditionally it will only be measured. But now it will be much larger. non only a metrics need to designed, but meeting need to be developed, measure automation needs to be planned and specific accountability need to be determined.As far as the metrics are concerned, they need to report on goal achievement at each organisation level. And the reporting will also translated to its specificity. So if the executive goal is improved effectiveness of 25 % then(prenominal) that is what the metrics needs to report on at that organisation level . Similarly the metric in the absolute goods packaging area may be boxed packed per hour and so on.Step 5 Rewards RecognitionRewarding and recognizing employees is essential to any business or organization. Employees like to know that the work they do is noticed and appreciated by their employers. It is important to recognize both the effort put into getting work and projects completed and the result. Recognition is one of the most effective ways to reinforce an organizations culture, support its objectives, and retain top performers. When we remember to take care of these very human needs for recognition and appreciation, we do a great deal to create an energized workplace we need in order to succeed in todays challenging times. pitiable Example of implementation SHRM to an organisationAge, skills and trainingASDA will have a range of employees who have worked for different lengths of time and who have different levels of skills and training. The HumanResource planner will seek t o have a balance of new people entering ASDA in order to cover those who are leaving. The Human Resource Planner will also want to make sure that skill levels are raising within ASDA, and that training programmes are devised to make sure people have the skills to meet ASDAs jobs requirements. If all ASDAs skilled employees are just about to retire, ASDA will have to spend a lot of money on training to build up a new pool of expertise.SuccessionSuccession is the way in which one person follows another person into a particular job or role within ASDA. ASDA need to make sure it is grooming people to take on the responsibility required. If ASDA do not do this, it will suddenly find itself with a vacuum where it has not developed the people to move into the appropriate position of responsibility, and ASDA will be missing the right people in key position to hold ASDA together.Learning organisationToyota is a classics which using a life-long learning opportunity. They understand the curren t worker may not be able to catch-up with the current technology. Therefore they have introduce a Paid-leave learning period for those who want to going back to studyOperating as a learning organization and affording all our employees lifelong learning opportunities and equipping them with the skills and abilities to cope with and develop in an environment of constant change.ConclusionStrategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a broadness area. Meaning range from a human resource system that is tailored to the demands of the business strategy to the pattern of planned human resource activities intended to modify an organization to achieve its goals. Where in the first definition human resource management is a unstable management field in which humanresource management becomes a tool to implement strategy, in the latter definition it has a proactive function in which human resource activities actually create and shape the business strategy. As Strategy is equal to change, so, S HRM will be change as the ever-changing environment. But one thing can be sure is- SHRM is a managing tool of Human factor which will assist the organization to achieve their goals, and it will controlling all the human factor, and getting the most from them, to optimize the efficiency and gain competitiveness of the organization.Reference1. Human Resource Management Strategy march Michael Armstrong2. Strategic human resource management John Bratton3. http//adtimes.nstp.com.my/jobstory/jan20a.htm The art of people management4. http//www.newfoundations.com/OrgTheory/Bolognese721.html- Employee Resistance to organizational Change5. http//www.changemanagementgroup.com/orgdevel.phtml Organizational Development and Team Building6. Responsible Managers Get results- Gerald Faust 19987. Strategic human resource management, performance, alightment, management by David Baker8. Taking a Strategic Approach to Human Resource Management by Roy Massey9. What is human resources strategy by Ma rk A. Thomas10. http//techupdate.zdnet.com/techupdate/stories/main/Implement_change_manageme

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Why Do People Lie Essay Example for Free

Why Do People Lie Essay1. To hide information Anything or all relationship that can be labeled comes with a set of expectations. Whether you are a teacher, student, husband, wife, CEO, manager, son, daughter, friend and so forth, any genius at all, living in the society, you are expected to behave in a accepted manner. When you tangle the boundaries, you are suddenly out there in the open, un comforted and vulnerable. You have to protect yourself now, you have to safety the expectations and save your relationship. If you hide the information, if no one gets to know you crossed the line, if you are perceived to be at heart the bounds, t drill only the thoroughfare, you continue to be a functional artefact of the social apparatus. It leads to a temporary sense experience of peace, a sense of match, of fitting in the society. You just bought yourself conviction, you did not have to put up with the arguments that great power have dealn place had you shared the truth. You did not have to hurt the sentiments or trust of the former(a) person by covering up your truth. This is the foremost cause of lying. People lie because they want to negate confrontation and conflict. Lying becomes the easier route.2. A matter of vesture Often pursuing the first one, that is, hiding information, one gets into the habit of lying. When you repeatedly do the same thing over and over again, it becomes your habit. Perfection, carelessness, lack of detail or attention to detail etcetera are all habits as are telling the truth and lying. The habit of lying is formed, like many otherwise habits, right from the childhood. Why? It must trace back to certain incidents during their early years or the atmosphere at home where speaking truth mostly stop up in an unpleasant conflict and undue scolding. When parents start to behave like kids too, it gives their children a surd reason to lie. By lying, they feel safe. However, this becomes their habit, their coping mechanism, their strategy to put up with all undesirable situations after on in their own go aways. Unfortunate. It is incredibly hard to break the habit of lying.Like many other habits of smoking, drinking, punctuality and so on, children also pick up lying from their parents, other elders and peers. If you lie frequently, do not be harsh on your children expecting them to tell the truth. They will not mention what you tell them to do, they will follow what you do yourself. In other words, they do not learn from your instructions but actions. If this is how they see you living, it is but natural that they will follow suit.When lying becomes a habit, it leads to one of the two outcomes, and both are not mutually exclusive the liar becomes fidgety with a wavering mind, or, they become aggressive with a cast down mind. Constant lying puts a tremendous burden on them to think about, to protect information, to bear the load of incorrect information, to live the false identity. Over time, impatien ce, aggression, withdrawal, artificiality, depression, self doubt, low self-esteem, insecurity and the rest come across a imperishable home in the mind of a liar.3. To gain attention This third reason comes with a puissant revelation. It can help one gain attention, respect, power. When someone lies to you about an incident where he was the only witness, he now has access to information that no one else does. He has just created a new truth. soap information naturally leads to greater power and more attention. It was not just greed that triggered the greatest incarnate scandals in the world, it was also about an inherent, an innate, an obtuse sense of gaining more power and control.I remember reading stories of a certain hunter during my childhood. This hunter would come to the village and make up stories on how he gallantly killed a lion with his fists alone, or courageously wasted a bear with just a small knife and so forth. All the villagers would gather around him to listen to his fascinating, if not fantastical, accounts of valor and bravery. He got attention and respect. If this formula works for the liar, he continues to lie till eternity.There are some who live a life of lies, there are many who justify their lies, it is even possible for some to protect their lies, however, it comes at the cost of their intragroup peace. They may not lose relationships or respect, they will, sooner or later, be robbed of their inner peace, however.So, if you want your partner, your child, or your friend to tell you the truth, if that is important to you, you had better encourage an atmosphere causative to truth. If you are going to pounce upon hearing a confession, that may well be the last time you will ever hear a truthful version. It is for this reason, forgiveness is considered a divine virtue. Because by human not only are you strengthening yourself and your relationship but also making a remnant to the life of the other person and subsequent generations .Next time you feel like reacting to someones lie, just take a moment and look within you. A realization may dawn and you may find it easy to forgive the other person. On the other hand, if you are the one telling lies, just remember the price is paid in peace and bliss. Truth is bold by nature, and lie, arrogant. The former instills courage, the latter, fear. Truth stems from inner strength, and lie, from the inability to gain such strength.

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Resistance of a wire Essay Example for Free

Resistance of a wire Essay modal(a) Testing Definition Fairness implies that the outcome of the activity truly depends on what is universe investigated, and is not creation distorted by new(prenominal) external factors. Therefore a charming test is adept where every(prenominal) the variables are kept constant or the uniform, except the variable that is being investigated. A variable is anything that stand change and which may influence the outcome of the investigation. List of variables Length of a wire. Temperature of a wire. Resistivity of a wire. Thickness of a wire. Person that measures the aloofness. Person observing the metre readings.Number of variables. Position of the variable resistor needs to freeze constant. Number of times you do the experiment to retrieve the average. Apparatus needs to stay the same, so you need to do it on the same day. Statement of fairness To make it a fair test, I am exhalation to keep totally the variables the same, except the l ength which I am going to change. I am going to nurse the measurements of the potential and the ammeter readings. Range of Measurements to be taken (for the variable being tested) I will take the ammeter and voltmeter readings of different lengths.The different lengths will be in 10cm increments, from 0cm to 100cm. experimental outgrowth Apparatus 1. 2 Batteries 2. Voltmeter 3. Ammeter 4. Metre ruler 5. Variable resistor 6. Rheostat 7. 1m wires mounted on a metre ruler 8. Crocodile clips 9. Connecting Wires Diagram Method When I set up the apparatus as the plot above, I will put the slider in the middle of the variable resistor and I drug ab use up change its position byout the experiment. I will get a metre ruler, which has wires mounted on it. I will get the crocodile clips and put one of the clips on 0cm and the other clip on 10cm.I will read the voltmeter reading as well as the ammeter reading. I will then take the other crocodile clip from 10cm and put the clip on 20cm. I again will read the voltmeter and ammeter readings. I will do the same for 30cm, 40cm. 100cm. I will repeat the experiment 3 times so the experiment will be a fair test. Safety Precautions I have thought more or less the safety precautions and I dont think there are any precautions to take. The wire could get hot if the voltage was too high, but in this particular experiment the voltage is supposed to be low. Results.Results Table Experiment 1 Experiment 2 Length of a music director (cm) emf (V) trustworthy (I) Resistance (? ) Voltage (V) Current (I) Resistance (? ) Average Resistance (? ) Results (trends or patterns of observations) From my table you can see that as the length of the conductor increases the immunity and voltage in any case increase but, the current decreases. Each time the length of the conductor doubles the resistance more or less doubles as well. The average is only authentically useful when the voltage and current are about the same. If the numbers are no t around the same figure the average wouldnt really mean anything. It wouldnt be a true reflection on the other results.Conclusion In the planning part of this investigation I predicted that as the length of the conductor increases the resistance will also increase because the electrons will have more cations, the electrons will find it harder to go from one side to the other side. From my results table you can see that as the length increases the resistance will also increase. When the length goes from 40cm to 80cm, the resistance goes from 3. 96to 7. 95 The reason it happens is that in my theory I stated that the length of a conductor is similar to the length of a hallway.A shorter hallway would allow people to move through at a higher rate than a longer one. Resistance in wire depends on how thick and how long it is, and what it is made of. The thickness of the wire is called its gauge. The smaller the gauge, the longer the wire. Calculation of the percentage errors from the int erpret Experiment 1 Experiment 2 Length (cm) Voltage (V) Current (A) Resistance (? ) Voltage (V) Current (A) Resistance (? ) Average Resistance (? ) Line of Best Fit Difference % error Evaluation How faithful was the investigation?I think the investigation was quite accurate because I repeated the experiment 3 times and the results in the results table were all close to each other. The replicates are close to together, which means I could calculate a representative average. The apparatus was accurate because I had the right amount of everything I needed. However, if the connecting wires were a bit thinner than it would have been an even more accurate investigation. Overall I think the truth of the apparatus was penny-pinching enough for this particular experiment because it is standard and the majority of the schools in England also use this apparatus.I dont think that the method could have lead to any inaccuracies, because everything was more or less accurate. The withdraw of b est fit looks perfect and there arent any anomalous results. Was this a suitable procedure? It was a suitable investigation because I got what I expected and it proved my prediction. Also, a lot of people through with(p) this investigation like this because it is good. My graph is also good, so I know the suitability of the investigation is positive. Was the narrate sufficient to support a firm conclusion? Yes, because if you look at my graph, it was done to a good degree of accuracy.As the length doubled, the resistance also doubled, so it was reliable. Also the % of error was less than 5. 00% all the time. The replicates are close to the average. I got what I wanted because I did some research so I knew what to expect. How could the investigation be improved? Improvements I would do the experiment more time to get a better average. I would do the investigation 3 times which would mean I could do it on 3 separate graphs with the same apparatus. I would also use a longer wire from 1m to 2m. farther work After doing this investigation, I could investigate another variable such as resistivity (type of wire).I would do the experiment by doing the following 1. I would set up the apparatus. 2. I would cut 30cm of copper, tungsten, constantan, nichrome and blade wire. 3. I would measure the voltmeter and ammeter readings. 4. I would calculate the resistance. 5. I would repeat the experiment 3 times to get an average voltage and an average current. 1 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted schoolbook This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Electricity and Magnetism section.

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Encountering Conflict Essay Example for Free

Encountering Conflict EssayWhen confronted with conflict, peoples moral centre toilet cause them to go in heroic ways. When we be exposed to war and end our reactions to this Thousands of Chinese students gathered in a peaceful protest for basic Democratic reform at Tianna populace square off 1984. Due to these actions they were senselessly and cruelely killed in cold blood by the Chinese Military. The students were unarmed and in no way of a danger to any nonpareil. This devastation shocked the world and erupted massive conflict. One social occasion that this devastation proved to the world that during times of conflict where ones moral compass is tested there square(a) heroism is revealed. A small, unexceptional figure in pants and white shirt, looking tiny following(a) to the hulking storage tanks, carrying what looks to be his shopping, positions himself before an approaching tank, with a line of 17 more tanks behind it.The tank swerves right, he moves in front ag ain. The tank swerves left, he moved in front again. Then this uncharted bystander climbs up onto the vehicle of war and says something to its driver, Why are you here? My city is in chaos because of you. With a single act of defiance, a lone Chinese hero revived the worlds image of courage. He was the unknown rebel also know as the Tanks Man a earth who was immensely courageous and a beacon of hope. The courage that it took to paseo out against such massive machinery, knowing earnest and well that it could very well be your last day on this earth is inspiring. He took courage to a full-page new level, becoming a world hero of sorts. This ordinary everyday man had stood up to one of largest of armies which was an undeniably, extraordinary act. Another man who stood up for what he believed in response to such brutal and thickened acts was a man named Bradley Manning.A man who new his moral obligation was to show the world what the political relation was hiding from them. Man ning was an American soldier and as apart of his job he has witnessed such cruel and in valet de chambre acts performed by the military that the world were unaware of. Manning new what was right, his response to this conflict was to set this information to the world. Manning carry through his legal duty which was to report war crimes. He complied with his legal duty to obey lawful companionships precisely also his duty to disobey unlawful orders. An order not to reveal classified information thatcontains certainty of war crimes would be an unlawful act. Manning had the legal duty to reveal the commission of war crime. Manning revealed to the world, the unjust dissolution of Guantanamo Bay, he revealed the human cost of wars in Iraq through the Collateral Murder video which depicts U.S forces in a helicopter killing unarmed civilians.The video even showed men trying to rescue the wounded who hence were shot down as well. Manning had sent this information to a website called Wik i Leaks a website created by Julian Assange in order to reveal to the world the truth about our leaders and what they are not telling us. Manning has been held 19 months in military custody. Manning has been held in solitary confinement 23 hours a day. He is only allowed to walk one hour a day in shackles. When he sleeps he is not allowed to between 5AM and 8PM weekdays and 7AM and 8PM on weekends. If he tries to he was made to sit up or stand by guards.The goal was unprejudiced the Government want to make Manning an example to other potential whistleblowers and wanted to downk to, pressure Manning into an entrance that wikileaks solicited material from him, making that organization and Julian Assange part of a criminal conspiracy. Manning was a hero. This ordinary man, a solider witnessed cruel and brutal acts that the Government were hiding and presented it rightfully to the world I want people to see the truth. For these extraordinary actions he has been humiliated and inhuman ely tortured. When our moral center is tested, ordinary inadvertent individuals who act in miraculous and extraordinary ways are revealed. Manning was tested. His moral obligation and his legal duty was to present these war crimes to the world.Conflict can stir emotions, including emotions of hatred, fear and protection of ones self and loved ones at the expenditure of anyone or anything else. As a result, people may act in irrational ways do them to aban guide on their moral values for something that is inhumane and amoral. In times of conflict often people are fighting for there ideologies. In these times people who can lose there touch with cosmos and whos blind devotion to the belief causes them to act in ways they normally wouldnt. However, people who dont think of the morality of there actions and are blind to the suffering there actions cause, they perform the near extraordinary acts that are the mostdangerous. The Quiet American written by Graham Green explores how in t imes of conflict peoples moral obligation for what is wrong and right is truly tested.The character in the unused Alden Pyle is a man used to provide readers with an American who is strong commitment to republic in Vietnam has caused him to have a false conception of the world. Pyle with the intentions of saving Vietnam from the grasp of Communism in the process killed many honest civilians in the name of what he believed was right, democracy. Through the character Fowler, we can see through his reactions to the devastation to the human impact of the bombings that emphasizes the cruelness and naivety of Pyle. Fowler witnesses the Bombings at Place Garnier, in fowlers words what I remembered was the torso in the square, the baby on its mothers lap. They had not been warned they had not been sufficiently important. The horrific scenes Fowler describes presents Pyle as inhuman. Fowlers reaction to the devastation emphasizes on Pyles reactions as callous and brutal. We see this when Pyle uses a dismissive tone, they were just war casualties, as he shows no remorse for those who he has killed.Pyle again dismisses the deaths in saying we are looking by and by the relatives. To Pyle the actions that have occurred are for the good of the majority, these deaths lost are necessary for everyone. Pyle is blinded by his ideology of democracy and he remains untouched by the human suffering around him. Its not necessarily the good extraordinary acts that people can respond to conflict with but we can make the wrong choices and we oral sex our morals and beliefs. Times of turmoil can bring out the worst in people and they can make the wrong decisions. In Harper Lees novel, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Bob Ewell is fueled by his hatred for the African Americans and is only concerned about power.He uses his position as being in a higher place African Americans so that people believe him and his family are more than white trash. He does this by charge Tom Robinson of raping hi s daughter. We see here how someone can respond negatively to conflict, this conflict being racialism and lack of civil rights during the 1930s. Ewell during this conflict, doesnt look to his heart or conscience. He doesnt care if an innocent man is executed, he is run by purely selfish motives. We see a different response in times of intense circumstances, how someone so evil and cruel can fakley accuse a man for his own benefits. A man who just as Pyle was, is oblivious to the suffering but in order to follow his beliefshe must be immune to the suffering.

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Feminism in the Handmaids Tale Essay Example for Free

Feminism in the retainers Tale EssaySome would fence in that Marg art Atwoods The Handmaids Tale is a book that pulls its ideas and beliefs about women and their place in nightclub from the Bible. But based upon the impudent, the Bible, and some writings by Christian writers, that is true, but highly skewed. Lets begin by taking a look at how society is setup in The Handmaids Tale so we can consider a clear understanding where the author is approach path from. The full premise is that women have lost every power, freedom, choice, and equality and argon instead deemed either able for slave/maid type work or bearing children. Girls be taken to Rachel and Leah Re-education center, or the vehement center, as the girls living there knew it, and indoctrinated or brainwashed into the ideologies of the government and taught that their only role is to conceive children. They are besides told that the structure of this society (Gilead) is better for women, more respectful and sa fe. Offred, the main character in the novel has a very monotonous and strict routine everyday that consists of shopping for the commander, the man of the house, and visiting the recreate frequently to be checked, and then undergo the rite.This ceremony is the emotionless, speechless sex that she has with commander in determine to bear children because of the sudden drop in reproduction in the past society. Now that we have the footing laid, lets look at a couple tracks they skew the role of women from what it is meant to be according to the Bible. The ceremony that they participate in includes reading from the Bible before engaging in sex. The only chore with that whole idea, is that they only read a small passage of mavin book every judgment of conviction, that speaks about a barren women urging her husband to lie with her servant so they may have a child.The line of work with this is that its taken completely out of context of use. The backstory to Rachel, the barren cl eaning woman, is that Jacob was supposed to be married to her after operative for her father for seven years, but instead Laban, the father, gives his older daughter Leah to lie with Jacob. When he discovers he was tricked he tells Laban he will work another seven years if he can have Rachel as his wife. Because God saw that Rachel was much more roll in the hayd than Leah, he made Rachel barren and blessed Leah with four children.This is why Rachel asked Jacob to lie with a servant girl she was envious of her sister Leah (The Holy Bible ESV, Gen. 29-30). The way it is portrayed in the novel is just as a source of reason. The commander and the government lack a way to convince women of society that what they are doing is good and it is what they are designed to do. The Bible overly speaks in Genesis how man and woman were created in Gods image and how both are equally valuable. Women in Atwoods The Handmaids Tale are not at all treated equal.Wayne Grudem says it well in his boo k Bible Doctrine, and Paul emphasizes, In the Lord, woman is not main(a) of man nor man of woman for woman was made from man, so now man is born of woman Both men and women are equally important both depend on each both are worthy of honor (201). This quote really shows how incorrect the society of Gilead has interpreted the Bible and also how poorly they have viewed women. They claim the safest way to protect the women is to restrict all their rights and give them the opportunity of one of three positions in society, which of those three, they do not even get to select.There are few instances in the novel that represent love, affection, or care and this would be in the previous world and then amid Offred and Nick and even that is a lot of physical affection more than true love. The Bible clear states in Ephesians 5, Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her In the same way husbands should love their wives as their profess bodies. He who l oves his wife loves himself. For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ does the church (Eph. 5). This whole idea is nowhere near stand for in The Handmaids Tale.The commander is married to the wife almost as a status. He has total authority over her and because she is barren they do not even sleep together. To bare child, he lies with the Handmaid, and to have pleasure, he visits Jezebels, which is a strip club. Which brings up another point in which prostitution and smut fungus were two of the major staples in the States philosophy of keeping women protected, yet they still have clubs that the men visit to enjoy themselves. Some may argue that there is biblical text to hurt everything that was done, such(prenominal) as Titus 25, which states women are to be submissive to their own husbands (Titus. 2. ).This verse is said amongst many other actions women should portray towards their husbands, but it is originally meant, all out of love fo r their husband and ultimately for their love of Christ. Gilead believes having authority over everyones lives and particularly complete control of women. This just one more slip of the misconstrued biblical reference portrayed how they see fit. This whole concept of people pulling verses out of context and twisting them to what they want is why so many people have a hard time believing in the truth. It has been so misinterpreted to what people want to believe or how people want others to believe.Gileads focus is on reproduction, order, control, and power. They have just found a way to use religion as a tool for their own plans, and in doing so have butchered the entire meaning of the device they are using. One more example of this is through other biblical references in the language. The entire book uses a variety of religious or Biblical language which includes but is not limited to soldiers being called angels, the municipal servants are called Marthas, the store Milk and Honey , and even vehicles carry religious terms such as ogre or chariot.These terms are used to help solidify the States justification for their actions. utilize Biblical terms allows them to continue to preach that everything they do is to protect and serve according to the Bible. Again the problem is that they pull what they want from context and dont use it according to how the original author think it for the original audience, or how God meant for us to live. Margaret Atwood wrote a great novel describing what life could be deal if suddenly all women were subject to mens rule and forced to live under such rigid conditions due to societys prior downturn.Although the basis of Gilead, and its ideas and beliefs were high misinterpreted passages and references of biblical text. As previously stated, if someone is going to use biblical and historical references to support a cause or form a governing society, they must have the facts straight. This means using them in context, and for t he original mean purpose. Not changing them or falsifying them to fit your ideas and beliefs.